Zachary Weiner

Kings County, New York, US

Zachary's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Zachary

I'm looking for a technical cofounder to help build the world's first location-based fantasy sports platform. I have already bootstrapped this startup from concept to lean prototype, to testing that prototype in market, and I am nearly done defining and wiring the complete v1 product requirements, as well as an investor deck.

This is fantasy sports (a current 4.5 billion industry) meets check-in technology meets loyalty. Users will be able to quickly check in and compete against their fellow patrons for prizes at venues where they're already watching sporting events.

I'm currently operating under the assumption that I will not find a technical cofounder and am pursuing quotes from development shops. That said, finding a technical cofounder would obviously remove many potential barriers to launch as well as add immeasurable value going forward. I'm therefore parallel-pathing a technical cofounder search with my seed funding and product definition processes.

Our current founding team fills in all the gap surrounding the technical side:

• As the managing partner, I have 14 years of experience in UX, product management, and creative direction. I have spent much of my career at digital agencies, where I have led creative teams for clients such as Hertz Rent-A-Car, Pepperidge Farm, Maybelline, Heineken, Starwood Resorts, and Campbell's. I also have over 20 years experience with fantasy sports, and 5 years experience in the bar and restaurant industries. I have a crystal clear product vision and revenue model.

• Our two non-managing cofounders represent UX and gameplay. The former is the current head of design and UX at Bitly and is leading all visual and UX. The latter creates algorithms that establish the basis for our gameplay model.

Our two greatest needs right now are someone to help with systems architecture, as well as someone to do the actual programming. We are open to a variety of cofounders, depending on skills, interest, and experience. At the highest level, we'd prefer a CTO candidate who can own all tech whole-hog, from systems architecture to managing the v1 build to eventually helping us build our in-house dev team. All the better if this candidate has a proven track record that helps attract investors. However, on a smaller partnership scale, we could work with a partner whose sweat equity is limited to the executional development of our v1 product.

Thanks for your time and interest. For more information, drop me a line.



Vassar College

Bachelor of Arts

1999 - 1999