Zach Williams

Maumelle, Arkansas, US

Zach's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Zach

I'm an aspiring entrepreneur. I have millions of ideas, some great, some not so great. I have a few ideas that I'm very avid about and have invested quite a bit of time into developing the full concept and getting the idea put down on paper.

My skills are very in-depth when it comes to business. I'm finishing up my undergrad with a double major in Business Management and Accounting with a minor in Information Systems. I've taken on a self-study through MIT open courseware and to learn full-stack web development and also plan to get my MS in Computer Science upon the completion of my undergrad.

My friends would describe me as very detail oriented, success driven, highly motivated, and focused. I've got my mind set on being an entrepreneur. Thus far, I've had a developer quit on me because he couldn't invest his time any longer which led to me pursuing the self-study.

I'm looking for someone who has extensive knowledge/experience in web-development and software engineering. They need to be team oriented and compatible to work in groups fast paced. I need someone who can pick up the areas where I fall short and ultimately work together in a team environment. I will not partner with someone who thinks they know it all as that type of ignorance doesn't work well with my mentality; however, someone that is will to LEARN it all, is who I would work better with.