Zach Sweedler

New York, New York, US

Looking for a technical co-founder for an on-demand app for college students, close to raising
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Word Of Mouth Marketing
Social Media Marketing
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UX Design
Business Strategy
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Adobe Creative Suite
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My name is Zach Sweedler. I'm 21 years old from CT/NYC, and am a junior student at the University of Richmond. I study business communications and have a minor in entrepreneurship from the Robins School of Business.

Ever since I was 15 years old, I was fascinated about being able to turn ideas into reality. Being able to think of something in your mind, and somehow yank it out into the world. It was that fascination that led me to the world of startups, and finding out ways to really help people through awesome products!

I sold my first business when I was a senior in high school, Nantucket Buckets, and then went on to intern at a variety of fashion companies, and become a pretty influential social media advertiser. By the time I got to college, I had successfully developed and launched my second company, Zach Ryan (, and it has been generating a growing fan/customer base for the past two years!

For the last year or so, I've been passionately getting myself involved with tech and the mobile application word. During this time, I've been interviewing hundreds and hundreds of people to verify product/market fit, and mold the perfect design execution for our customers (I'm a proficient UX/UI designer in Sketch and Photoshop). I've been also working with many VC advisors of mine, and have written a functioning prototype that I plan on testing really soon!

This leads me to co-founders lab, not the most technically backgrounded person in the world! My strong suits are business operations and design. So looking for a passionate, visionary, down to earth technical co-founder that is down to get a chunk of equity and no salary until we raise. All the skills are listed in the description above! Calling out all iOS devs, this is an opportunity to consider, I promise. Just shoot me a message to talk more details.


Don't ask why should your product exist, ask should it exist? - Anonymous

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Zach Ryan Brand

May 2017 - Today



University of Richmond

Business Communications and Entrepreneurship

2016 - 2020