Zach Marky

London, United Kingdom

InsureTech innovator. Seeking co-founders for new InsureTech start up and investment opportunities
Zach's Skills
Business Process
Business Planning
Business Strategy
User Experience
Product Management
Business Development

About Zach

Looking for tech/marketing/underwriting co-founders for an InsureTech start up.

Also looking for investment opportunities in any sector.

I am a free-thinking, creative, self-motivated founder with over 25 years experience working in insurance and insuretech. I am renowned as an idea generator, product designer and business strategist.

Currently, I am building an emerging in-house InsureTech operation and developing my own insuretech start up.

I am looking for co-founders for a new start up and open to joining other start ups. Also interested in investing in compelling start ups, in any business sector.


Everything starts as somebody's daydream - Larry Niven