Zach Dicklin

Boulder, Colorado, US

Engineering, Compulsive Maker, Hardware-Focused
Zach's Skills
User Experience
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Zach

I'm a developer, dad, and compulsive maker, working in Boulder tech startups for the past 8 years.

My degree is in computer engineering, and after a brief stint in corporate in moved to Boulder to found a company with some friends. It was kinda like Reddit without any content or users, and ended up as a huge flop for obvious reasons.

From there, I've served as the Director of Engineering at some TechStars companies. This has been a fantastic experience. I feel like I really thrive in the startup environment, and have grown as a developer, manager, and entrepreneur.

Lately I've realized that I'd like to found again. I'm searching for a co-founder from an industry other than tech. I'd like to team up with an expert to solve a problem they're keenly aware of but might not have the technical expertise to solve.

As an engineering, I'm seeking out a real technical challenge to sink my teeth into. Preferably a hardware project. I'd also like to find something that can make a positive impact on the environment, community, or generally help push the world in a positive direction.