Zach Bruno

Baltimore, Maryland, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Zach

By trade I am a graphic / web / UX designer who has been running a boutique creative shop for several years that counts David Lynch, Oliver Stone, and The United Way as clients. However, being both creative and entrepreneurial at heart, I've become more of an idea and business development person (still do my own design though). I have had success, including winning national advertising awards, but the business side of me seeks to get away from the creative services model, and more towards apps or SaaS ventures.

When I started, I did front-end development as well, and was competent. CSS & JS were strengths, and eventually I'd call myself "quite good" at AS3. When flash died, I decided that I was done with development and would stick to business and design, which I am stronger in anyway.

I have no lack of ideas, many wireframed and designed. What I need is a technical co-founder. Someone who is passionate about building out apps, web services, etc. Someone who thrives on the agile process while still noticing details would be awesome. If you took pride in saying something like, "I can bang out a crude but functional prototype of your design rather quickly," we might be a good match.

Passion would be my most desirable characteristic, closely followed by talent. But talent can be taught, and passion really can't.

I already run my own business and have been plotting this pivot for quite sometime, so you can expect a high level of ambition and involvement from me. Having been a co-founder before, I know the importance of being agile, and am looking for someone who likes to build in phases.


University of Baltimore

Graduate Certificate, Business Fundamentals

2008 - 2008

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Bachelor's of Arts

2003 - 2003

Facchochschule Schwabisch Hall

Study Abroad - Germany (Imaging and Digital Arts)

2003 - 2003