Zac Harris

Scottsdale, Arizona, US

Zac's Skills
Product Management

About Zac

I have a background in marketing and sales. Mainly PPC and SEO. I've worked with small businesses and startups that have raised millions of dollars, so I've been around the funding process before. I've been involved with the real estate market for the last year and noticed that it is lacking in terms of technology. This is where the idea for Realty Sumo came to life.

An application that makes real estate easier for both professionals and consumers (residential/commercial). Our goal with Realty Sumo is to help realtors better the process of buying and selling properties. Giving them more tools to offer to buyers and sellers alike to be more informed on one of the biggest decisions of their life.

My ideal candidate would like something like this: Motivated, understands startups and most importantly buys into the vision. Sure there is a lot of capital to be made in the real estate market, but I really want someone who is interested in real estate and wants to make the process easier for other consumers too!