Yanan Zhao

Taiyuan, China

Introducing Chinese culture to the world
Yanan's Skills
Product Planning
Chinese Literature
Chinese History
Chinese Culture
Writing For The Web
Asian Culture

About Yanan

I am working on an English website introducing Chinese culture/history/literature, etc.
Trying to find people with web developing or UI design skills.
Professional level of English editor is also very welcome.

Having a master's degree of Media and Communication from Sweden, I have worked for several years in media and education area.

However, introducing Chinese culture to the world is the thing I have always wanted to do.

Now I have already built a basic structure of the website, by using wix. But there are more and more shortcomings in technological presenting, while more and more contents are being posted.

So I hope I could find someone with web developing or UI design skills, to complete and refine this website together.

Profit related issues could be discussed later in private.