Vijen Patel

Chicago, Illinois, US

Co-Founder | CEO at Pressbox
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Life has been a blast. Especially working with different teams in various environments to drive change. In an organization, in a corporation, and fortunately a couple times, in the world. Three moments made me smile for a week (ok, maybe a little longer). First was negotiating on behalf of a hospital. Not sexy, but in the end, the hospital received $15M of critical funding to save leading treatments for some of the most rare diseases. Objectivity and hard work transformed numbers into increased funding. Second was launching a $13M Zimele Fund in South Africa to empower entrepreneurs and support green businesses. The country is fighting carbon emissions and poverty, and our solution is helping solve both issues. And lastly, I've loved successfully helping launch a start up in the urgent care space (WellStreet Urgent Care) on the investment side. I'm excited to take it one step further and now launch my own organization

Work Experience

Co-Founder | CEO


July 2013 - December 2016