Varun Mehta

Kings County, New York, US

CEO of Disqovery
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Business Development
Product Management

About Varun

Some specific things that I worked on code for: Core Data & Cocoa Bindings integration between Interface Builder and Xcode for Mac OS 10.4, .NET software for TV listings for IPTV set-top boxes and their servers. I've worked closely with enterprise customers of Microsoft App-V, guiding them through pilot installs and managing the hotfix development process for patches. As a PM I also did feature design work and led teams to bring features to fruition. While at HBS I was part of the team that conceived of and created I wrote and maintain the code, and now keep it operational as a fun project that I'm proud of. Getting it to work involved a lot of clever scraping code which has proven to be quite robust.

Work Experience


Disqovery, Inc.

March 2013 - December 2016