Vadim Polikov

Columbia, Maryland, US

Vadim's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Vadim

I am a seasoned entrepreneur, having started and ran three companies, two of which had valuations over $50M when sold. I've executed on ideas, built teams, raised VC and PE money, and negotiated company sales with great outcomes for investors and co-founders. I enjoy working with smart, self-aware people.

I'm currently working on a business idea in the EdTech space, focused on using video games to help teach kids. I've built a prototype and am currently running a pilot in several schools to determine the feasibility of the concept. The company is "funded" already thanks to previous success.

Several members of the team are in place but I'm still looking for technical co-founders to help me build out the product (a platform to host third party content, like iTunes, or YouTube). I'm also looking for a marketer to join.

I live in the Columbia, MD area but happy to grab lunch/coffee in DC/NVA.


Duke University

BS Engineering

2003 - 2003

Duke University


2009 - 2009