Tyrone Thomas Jr.

Quitman, Georgia, US

A Simple Solution to Reverse Economic Inequality
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I have a deep passion for creating ideas that will significantly help others live a better life and contribute to making the world a better place for our present & future generations.

I have developed an extremely profitable social impact business idea.that will dramatically reduce poverty and economic inequality. It works in concert with existing business systems, does not cause inflation, and does not punish the rich or diminish the idea of capitalism.

I am looking for a few Management and Technology oriented Co Founding Members to complete my startup team who truly have a passion for helping people in need and want to solve some of the world most persistent problems which have a negative economic and social impact on society as a whole.

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United Shared Savings Network

January 2011 - Today

For the last 7 years, I have been working on a concept that will solve the issues of poverty, reversing economic inequality, and reducing or eliminating the need for government welfare programs. I named it United Shared Savings Network. After years of studying Universal Basic Income and different ideas proposed by others, it became apparent that my concept is the only method that will grow and stabilize the middle class while creating income for those at the bottom of the economic ladder without disturbing the foundation of capitalism for which America and most developed countries are built upon. I have also expanded it to include asset acquisition and wealth building for those at the bottom, due to the inevitable loss of jobs from automation, technology and robots as we move into the future. Governments, Educational Institutions and Nonprofit Organizations are finally beginning to embrace the benefits of Universal Basic Income and there are a number of experimental projects going on around the world. In the U.S. the first government sponsored experiment will be underway starting the New Year in Stockton California. While everyone is experimenting with Universal Basic Income, I have taken the United Shared Savings Network concept a huge leap forward into something awesome that’s definitely needed, but UBI cannot accomplish and is not designed to do. United Shared Savings Network also addresses the elephant in the room question of expansion funding and sustainability. Universal Basic Income will require some form of increased government revenue such as carbon tax, land value tax, robin hood tax, value added tax, etc, as well as reductions in social security and other benefits. The bottom line is, UBI will still be a government social net program similar to what we currently have. United Shared Savings Network is totally different, because it will take people from government dependence to economic independence and can do this without government involvement. It will be supported by the private sector and capable of self-funding after a small initial investment as it expands to rapidly benefit more people, provide more opportunities, strengthen our economy and solve more problems….all without the need to increase or modify our current system of taxation. Nothing like United shared Savings Network has ever been proposed for implementation, study or a pilot project. I also haven't seen or read anything similar in stories or articles on the subject matters of Economic Inequality, New Economy, and Universal Basic Income etc. The United Shared Savings Network concept may very well be the Holy Grail that we seek to fix that which we are all trying to accomplish in making the world a better place for everyone. The best ideas and solutions do not always come from experts or well educated people through our nation’s colleges and universities, sometimes they come from those at the bottom who live in the trenches and are least suspected of useful critical thinking. I am dedicated and truly concerned about moving humanity forward.