Tyler Goelz

Saint Petersburg, Florida, US

Tyler's Skills
Product Management

About Tyler

The second cofounder we are looking for is for our Lean startup experiment, www.rockitsauce.com, which is now entering the market with several B2B partnerships around the world that are on-boarding new subs (in an agency model). Before we launch our B2C marketing campaigns and start our first scalability tract, we need some serious product management and technical expertise to knock out the architecture of our APIs, middleware and user interfaces. We are looking for someone who can code the back office cloud integrations, design architecture and data models, help define product level strategy, and has experience running the gamut from a technical perspective. Think accomplished Chief Architect with design aesthetic who has worked on B2C software products and can code in anything I can. We are currently a team of three, and looking for number four.. If you can bring additional resources on, such as design or marketing, huge bonus.