Tiago Nunes

Faro, Portugal

Engineer for life
Tiago's Skills
Hard Worker
Idea Generation
Software Engineering
Microwave Engineering
Team Coordination
Back-end Operations
Business Analysis
User Experience
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Tiago

Last years I have been working in amazing solutions to improve this so complex world.
Keep with this effort is the way for the success.
I have the ideias, but without partners, it's impossible to create new things.


If you learn something every day, you are in the right way - me

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineering Analyst


October 2010 - August 2014

Main activities and responsibilities Planning, technical drawing, programming, testing components in language COBOL using CICS and DB2 in banking core applications, mainly in deposit accounts and central application of the bank client web interface. Also managing a small team organising their work to meet the delivery expectations.

Senior Software Engineer


September 2014 - January 2017

Programming and analysis code in C#, C++. Organizing/Managing some projects to keep the death line as expected. Work with Visual Studio, SVN, GIT, SQL Server. Development CCTV, e-Gate, Enrollment and kiosk applications. Project all over the world: Brazil, Finland, Rwanda, USA, SEF, European Union, UK , Hong Kong, Dubai.

Senior Software Engineer / System Analyst / Scrum - Kanban master


January 2017 - September 2019

Working with hotel booking services for a Channel Manager. Implementing the Agile methodologies in a team, as a scrum master/kanban lead. Following the OpenTravel standards, OTA messages, and other procedures, as a member of connectivity team, we insure that we receive all the data from the channels and we can deliver all the data we have to the hotels and channels. Main activities: - Scrum Master / Kanban Lead - New specification analysis - Develop new integrations or update the old ones - Testing all the functions and testing with partners - Bugs solving - Agile methodology helping on team management - Coach for the new team members

Enginner and Project Manager / Scrum Master


September 2019 - Today

Managing the team of developers, devops and design. Managing the company software projects. Creating new solution/aproach for the product, including implementation prototypes. Problem solving for the clients. DevOps engineer implementing monitoring platforms and deployable solutions. DB optimizations. Roadmap development and Product Owner role. Implementing Scrum methodology. Recruitment process.


Instituto Superior Tecnico

Master in Electrical and Computers Engineer

2003 - 2010