Tammy Catalano

Long Beach, California, US

Tammy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tammy

I recently launched NationalArtGallery.org
We have a huge social media following (Facebook.com/nationalartsociety), I'm looking for a great partner that can help me turn this company into the powerhouse I know it will be!

http://nationalartgallery.org (nag.la)-for short :)

About me:
Tammy Catalano is an ambitious young professional that has created a fast-growing network for artists nationwide. Before entering her current position as Curator for the National Art Society and VP of Operations for the National Art Gallery, she was an experienced designer whose client list includes the AHPHA Group, Aldine Inc, and Pitch Anything. Tammy graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Political Science and then continued her art education in New York under the mentorship of Alyssa Monks, Salon of Art, and the Art Institute of CA. She gained recognition within the art community working with DC Comics, Marvel, and EC Galleries. She also won first place honors in the juried Del Mar Fair Fine Art Exhibition. She is currently developing a marketplace for artists with the National Art Gallery.