Tamas Turcsan

Murcia, Spain

Crafing the best-tasting food spreads
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About Tamas

Have you always wanted to start or be part of a great healthy snackfood business?

Do you want to solve the real pain points of customers with food and nutrition?

Do you also see the incredible opportunity with Agriculture going Regenerative and that how it is opening up new gaps to fill for food brands that can offer novel science-backed nutrition?

If you are all in on these, would be good to talk!
I'm in early-stage development of a regenerative superfood provision business. I achieved product-market fit with an Almond Spread range and I am in the process of raising the first round of Seed investment. I am still open to partner up with a Co-Founder who is particularly strong in Finance or Marketing.


Your future depends on your strength of purpose, to have the strength holding you to your purpose. - Tamas Turcsan


University of Sussex

BSc Business and Management

2007 - 2011