Tainá Barrionuevo

São Paulo, Brazil

Tainá's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tainá

Hi! My name is Tainá Barrionuevo and I am the founder and CEO of PhD - the first wearable art gallery in the world. I am passionate about art and fashion and have created this startup to enhance these markets awareness: fashion can be 'artsy' and smart and art don't need to be hanging on a wall.
I am 26 years old and based in the cool area of Downtown São Paulo, Brazil. I am a very agile person and I love trying new things out. High speed is what I am into, so if we have an idea I would to see it out there to test and try peoples reactions.
I am looking for a person to complete my IT and business skills. Sure, I can do some HTML and CSS, but this won't take PhD very far in the startup environment. Also, I want to partner up with someone who can discuss IT and business - what can we do to generate more sales and brand awareness online. Are you the one? :)