Tage Harris

Scotts Valley, California, US

Tage's Skills
Product Management

About Tage

I'm looking for people to share in the creation of a product that will change many things for the better. It will take a whole team of people that have vision and various skills to bring this together, and in the end, everyone will benefit from this in more ways than one.
The product could have been available for years but no one has done it, and all the technology is already figured out. It just needs to be combined and miniaturized and we will have a product that will be indispensable to everyday life. There have even been competitions with big prizes to come up with something like this, but nothing has even come close. It really is a big deal, but I need the right people to work on this with me so we can make it a finished tangible product.

I'm looking for an electrical engineer, a programmer, an app developer, an artist, a designer, business developer, and an investor or two.
I don't personally have the financial resources to fund the development and further research of the product, but I can't let it sit on the shelf any longer.

I love researching, reading, and learning everything I can about Science, Technology, and Health. I have done Design, Marketing, Managing, and Manufacturing. I have owned and run a recording studio in Las Vegas, designed a line of clothing, done professional photography, built prototypes of inventions, designed websites, raised four kids and kept my sanity.
I'm great at a multitude of things but not a true master of any, and this is why I need Co Founders.
This product has to be built and I'm calling on the talents of others who are good at what they do, to be a part of something big.