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NFUANJEKU TABIA RENE, age 34, Secretary General and Activism officer Of Children of Bakassi Initiative (COBI) NGO. Was born on the 8th of September1983 In Muea a small town in Buea in the South-West Region Of Cameroon from a middle Class Family. He is a son of Nfuanjeku Stephen an Agric Educator and Mother Anyie Emelia a Farmer. He has four sisters and three other Half sisters with a Half brother. He grew up with his grand-mother name Mami Frida Amah where he started his primary school in CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL Wotutu in Limbe and finally joint his parents in Buea and comleted his primary education in CBC School Bolifamba Mile 16 Buea and obtained First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) in 1994. He did lived with his Grand_Aunty called Mami Salome Adi of Blessed Memory. where did five years Secondary Education In GOVERNMENT BILINGUAL HIGH SCHOOL (GBHS) Muea-Buea where he obtained his Ordinary Level certificate in the Year 2009 and later obtained his advanced Level from INTER COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL (ICHS) Buea in 2001. In The Year 2003 He completed Training as a Professional Teacher from GOVERNMENT TEACHER TRAINING COLLEGE (GTTC) in Buea. He Later on worked as a teacher For UNITED ACTION FOR CHILDREN (UAC) NGO in 2004-2005. He then got admission Into The UNIVERSITY OF BUEA where he Obtained a Bachelor Degree in Education and minored in Constitutional Law in the year 2008. He travelled to China and did uncompleted Courses in Computer Maintenance and Software Programming in SOUTH CHINA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (SCUT). During this period of his life, He taught Conversational English and he also worked as a Public Relations officer For AFRICA ASIA LEARNING CONNECTION (AELC) NGO Which Helps to Promote Education between Cameroon and Asian Countries. During this time, he also obtained a Diploma in Project Management. He was Instrumental in the creation of PHILANTROPIC MENTAL HEALING AND REHABILITATION CENTER in NSAM Yaounde Cameroon an NGO aimed at helping Mental patients found on the streets of the Capital city Yaounde. He is currently serving as a Pupil Teacher with the Cameroon Government in The MINISTRY OF BASIC EDUCATION in Cameroon. He was Recruited into this Job immediately after the Border Crises Between Cameroon and Nigeria in the Year 2009. He is the Founder and Managing Director of DRIMS ECOFARMERS TRUST BAKASSI (CIG) He has spent Several years helping Youths and women in organizing community initiative activities In areas of HIV, Savings and Loans, Family Nutrition, Agriculture, Education as well as Computer Training to empower locals and the poor found in Bakassi. Currently He is the Founder of NEW HOPE COMPANY Ltd In Cameroon where he is the CEO
As an ENTREPRENEUR AND FINANCIAL SPECIALIST, he has helped to build several small business enterprises in the South-West Region and has assisted other young aspiring entrepreneurs in raising start-up capital for small businesses.He is the Founder of New Hope company Ltd Cameroon
As a HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST he has volunteered in so many different ways to fight for the Rights of so many under-privileged Adults and Children in Bakassi as well as the South-West Region. By nature he is Calm, Quiet and admirer of nature and he has always demonstrated very high and extra-Ordinary Spiritual qualities. This makes him able to interpret complicated spiritual issues. He is a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, He spends his time in discussions that are not common in everyday Language. He is a Catholic Christian and down to earth person who will always create laughter. He is very Fluent in Three Languages English, French and Pidgin He is a Father of One.


What ever the mind can conceive and belief in, the Mind can achieve - Napoleon Hill

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Africa Asia Learning connection

March 2006 - July 2016

Project management services at Africa Asia Learning Connection.


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