Steven T.A. Carter

Seattle, Washington, US

Steven T.A.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Steven T.A.

I am a startup guy. I have worked at startups as small as 3 people and as large as 35 people and I have helped grow them to hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions of annual revenue. I have a wide breadth of knowledge from product development, finance, sales management, operations and IT functions. I have always helped other people build their dream, I wasn't much of an idea guy. I have an idea in the ecommerce space around hobbies and interests, specifically online forums and the ecommerce that happens on those forums. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to business ideas and this one keeps coming back to me because I can't find the usual reasons to shoot it down myself. It has a wide audience of customers. It has potential to have multiple selling channels. I am looking for a strong, full stack developer to help build this product. Front end, middleware and DB. It isn't a high speed transaction type concept (unlike ad serving for example) and it isn't storing mission critical data. It would have integrations with various other online products to add functionality, value and streamline the process it addresses. You would have full stack experience in a modern set of tools. Ruby, NodeJS, PHP or others are fine too. Ideally it would live in the cloud, I don't care whose cloud, I just don't see the need to own hardware at this time in the industry. I don't see this as a unicorn. More like a pony. For a couple of guys, it would be a nice business that requires low financial and time investment once it is launched. It could easily provide a nice lifestyle where you wouldn't have to punch a clock, drive to the office or hate your boss (unless you hate yourself). Equity would greatly depend on experience and acumen. I don't care where you live necessarily as I am used to working remotely from resources and business partners.