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I started as a programmer and have become a generalist, but don't enjoy working solo. My goal is to use tech to create bridges in [US] politics, getting people talking with each other and strengthening democracy, gamifying saner conversations. In particular, I think there is a big social-good-scale problem of a filter bubble making it very easy for liberals and conservatives to never hear the other side, and a business-actionable personal-scale problem that many of us wish to be _heard_ and have sane conversations with the other side, but online comments are horrible, and efforts bridge liberals and conservatives tend to be horrible (online comments) or angelic (listen even when the other side isn't listening back). Here are some ideas that are a sane size, where we could test for traction and likely build without startup capital:

My current approach has been to go to startup weekends seeking partners; hoping the CoFoundersLab will have people more ready to create things. My dream-team would be a business-focused person and a front-end developer, but after my last project I think I have the skills to build the whole thing solo ... except I work better and enjoy life more with partners. We'd be stepping into new territory: not the easiest path to tons of money, but I do think there are a lot of revenue possibilities along with doing something deeply worthwhile. I think "exchanging listening to each other" is going to take off -- let's be first in a new space.

My past experience includes launching and running for ten years now, setting up carpools and roomshares for conferences and festivals. A cool green project that didn't scale.

If I don't find a partner for Idea Bridge, then I'd love to be an environmental-leader in the conference field, building complete websites in Drupal for conferences that integrate a wide range of greening tools. You can find an early prototype here:

I'm a web programmer -- currently Drupal -- open to other people's ideas. I'm based in Berkeley; I might move to Portland or Seattle for the right team. I like the idea of doing a startup weekend as a warm-up.

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January 2003 - Today

SpaceShare provides ride-sharing and room-sharing for large festivals and conferences. Was cutting-edge in it's day, long ago. I launched it solo: developed the code, marketed the product.

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