Stan Zhekov

Vancouver, Canada

CEO, | Looking for Software Architect co-founder
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Detail-oriented Problem Solver
Innovative Problem Solving
Creative Problem Solving
Problem Solving
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About Stan

I am looking for a software architect that understands the global scope and massive scale of unwanted harassing and robo-calls and interested to join me as a co-founder in our global scam stopper system -
With more than 40,000 users and more than 9 Million reported harassing phone numbers worldwide and growing we can proudly say - we've got it working well everywhere. It is efficient and different than any other app, it is a system not just an app. If you know someone with a global vision and willingness to devote some time for the good of the humanity let them know, spread the word. Have a look at our video -

Feel free to ask questions. We noticed that people do not understand details that might be obvious to others. If you like global scale challenges and don't need immediate cash, we can chat. Drop us a line

Thank you!

PS. I am also looking for a marketing wizard capable to trigger viral effect.


There is always a solution. - (Me)

Work Experience

Contract Administrator

Kasian Architecture

September 2006 - January 2020