Shingai Samudzi

Berkeley, California, US

Shingai's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Shingai

My focus is on digital marketing - the use of market data to help drive a wide range of busines decisions. I see digital marketing as more than just increasing audience or increasing sales. It also involves using that data to drive changes in operational structure, employee engagement, and internal communications.

I am focusing on engaging businesses within the healthcare, education, and public infrastructure industries in part because those are all core areas that a highly functional society can't do without, yet are so broken in so many places. Shifting political and global economic landscapes are forcing considerable changes in each of these industries. My goal is to provide strategic consulting for businesses in these areas, leveraging a comprehensive digital strategy methodology as well as a customizable open source ERP product (OpenERP).

I am seeking a business developer who can be both a thought partner as well a key piece of this startup's early growth strategy. Ideally, I would like a cofounder who has a consulting background and/or industry familiarity in healthcare, education, or infrastructure/civil engineering.


Carnegie Mellon University

Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems

2008 - 2008