Shehzad Daredia

San Francisco, California, US

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Shehzad's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Shehzad

I have worked in investment banking, management consulting, venture capital, and for two startups.

I started my fulltime career at Rho Ventures, a $2B stage and sector-agnostic VC firm in NYC. While there, I worked on deals in both tech and healthcare, broadly defined. I screened/vetted inbound deal flow (reading ~1000 business plans over my time there), led due diligence on the companies that passed initial filters, and consulted to portfolio companies on operational and strategic matters. This gave me an incredible intro and high level view of the startup world, what issues they face, and what separates the successful ones from the rest of the pack. However, I was not content with investing - ultimately I wanted to be an entrepreneur long-term, not an investor.

So I joined as its 1st marketing employee beyond the VP Marketing. I went from knowing nothing about online marketing, to staffing up and leading the very high performing 6-person online marketing team, over my duration there. I also contributed millions of dollars to the company's bottom line, as customer acquisition was the company's single biggest P&L line item. While there, I also engaged progressively more in product management on the side, first to PM internal marketing tools, then landing pages, then site-side UX changes to improve LTV, then finally building our award-winning Android app. However, KAYAK grew to become pretty big and mature, and I was getting restless with the added bureaucracy.

So I left to join BillShrink, an earlier stage, VC-backed decision engine startup. I am currently the Lead PM, responsible for our new StatementRewards platform which is currently the focus of the business. In this role I am responsible for the entire product, from back-end algorithms and data mining, to front-end UX and UI. We recently launched our first major distribution partner and are now powering 2500 banks to the tune of 8 million consumers using the platform.

I am still at BillShrink but am simultaneously looking for the next step in my career, to found/cofound an exciting consumer internet company that solves real tangible problems for end users.

Work Experience


March 2013 - December 2016