Serendipity Strikes

Milford, Massachusetts, US

Problem solver/Creative/Inventor/Musician COO/FOUNDER
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Public Relations
Product Development
Branding & Identity
Idea Creation

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Serendipity

My friends call me brain. They call on me when they need an idea or another perspective on their own idea, expecting me to improve upon it, or provide constructive criticism which I usually do. My horoscope indicates that I am very creative which I am and tells me I am not good with money which I am not so I use this tool and I try to learn about others by reading up on their sign and listening. My ideas flow quickly so do not take anything I say personally because many times my stupidity leads to what others call genius. I don't think i'm a genius, but I do like to think I have good taste, common sense and a decent sense of humor.


Live long and prosper! - Spock

Work Experience


Al Cass Mouthpieces

January 1980 - Today

Spokesperson, 1st born son and right hand for the famous mouthpiece maker Al Cass who's products are used by MILLIONS since the 1960s. President product development, production, sales & marketing. AKA the vault keeper.


Musicians Resources

August 1997 - Today

Artist development, production & promotion.



February 2020 - Today

This is my new/old idea . A cash alternative app for buyers and sellers of goods who use paypal. CashTrakR protects buyers and sellers trading locally. This idea eliminates charge backs, refunds, disputes and fraud.