Samuel Sperling

Melbourne, Australia

Tech Lead & Cloud Software Architect
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Product Management
Business Development
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Founded 1 startup

About Samuel

I have 15 years of experience in Software Engineering, from pitching planning, architecture, operations all the way to hands on development. For customers such as BMW, Adidas, ISUZU, Wrangler, EADS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mercedes-AMG, Swisse Vitamins, Boost Juice Bars, Quiksilver and many more.
With a wealth of experience in backend development, software architecture & SaaS (cloud) using Microsoft technologies (ASP MVC, Azure etc.). I am deeply technical. Understanding development all the way down to machine code. At the same time I have always worked closely with non technical people through effective communication, which I see as a core responsibility of my role.

I see a gaping hole when in comes to SaaS Website Builders that are highly scalable, cloud powered, highly extensible and open source.

Microsoft is is making bold moves into OpenSource & cloud. I'd like to establish an Open Source Content Management & Web Publishing Toolkit to fill that gap.

Think of it as the Operating System of your website and look at the success of Android, and you know why I'm excited about this idea.

Revenue streams:
1. SaaS website builder, with lots of sell on packages
2. Professional packages that extend core
3. Margin on 3rd party packages on marketplace (and package certification)
4. Certifications

Competition: Umbraco CMS & websites builders like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Virb, Jimdo

I have lots of experience and feel very confident when it comes to vision & technical expertise. However, I lack business, marketing, HR, and financing skills.

I can only get this started with a bunch of fully committed and highly talented individuals.


FH Gelsenkirchen (DE)

Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology

2008 - 2008




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