Samir Patel

San Francisco, California, US

Managed $1B+ in Ad Spend | Pioneer in bringing Big Data & Data Science to Marketing | Cornell MBA
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Dave McClure is a lead investor in my current company and I am looking to meet CTO/Architect/Software Engineer core team members.

Investors in Pi include seed investors in WildFire interactive (acquired by Google) and SearchRev (acquired by AKQA). I also serve as a mentor and a founder at 500Startups.

I'm the Founder of Pi, which is the world's first distribution hacking SaaS platform that enables CMO's to maximize profitable growth across Digital Channels. Big Data-driven predictive modeling and automated decision-making enables Digital Advertisers to (Step 1): Set Customer Acquisition Goals (Step 2): Drive Customers and Profits (Step 3) Get back to Business. Welcome to the world of Algorithm driven Driverless Advertising across Mobile, Search, Social and Display networks.

Under the hood, this is the most sophisticated application of modern portfolio theory combining its core predictive modeling algorithms and bidding technology. The machine autonomously purchases ad clicks, or impressions, one at a time, on ad networks to create portfolios of clicks and impressions designed to optimize the goals advertisers, such as increased sales, heightened brand awareness and decreased cost per customer acquisition. It also looks for signals across various marketing automation systems such as Marketo, and Optimizely for opportunity gains in performance.

Earlier, I founded SearchForce, which algorithmically manages over $1B+ in Online Advertising using Algorithmic Trading techniques used on Wall Street. Today, SearchForce manages thousands of advertisers, including 4 of the top ten US advertisers such as Progressive, Scottrade, AT&T, Experian and manages over $200M in Japanese ad dollars via Transcosmos.


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October 2014 - December 2016