Sam Glassenberg

Chicago, Illinois, US

Chief Executive Officer
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Business Development
Product Management

About Sam

Sam has spent his career managing teams and companies at the cutting edge of the video games industry.

Sam is currently the CEO of Funtactix. Since he joined Funtactix in 2008, the studio has pioneered the business of mobile games for major box office films - including Mission:Impossible and The Hunger Games. During that period, Sam brought Funtactix from a pre-revenue, pre-product company to a profitable business.

Before joining Funtactix, Sam managed an industry-leading game platform team at Microsoft - focused on pushing the cutting-edge of video game graphics across the Windows and Xbox gaming ecosystem.
Sam also worked on some of Microsoft’s largest online services (MSN and XboxLive). He began his career at LucasArts (a division of LucasFilm) – creating the first console video games to incorporate movie-based assets.

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B&R Industries

October 2009 - December 2016