Ryan Negri

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Founder & CEO of Laicos Startup Studio, Fundraiser, Connector, Investor, Startup Scout, and Mentor.
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About Ryan

A Midwest-born & raised technology startup founder, investor, and philanthropist. Open to VC and Corp. Business Dev/M&A career opportunities.

I’ve founded 7 companies, have 3 modest exits, 5 M&A events, raised >$20M in venture capital, and I also coach, advise and mentor founders and CEOs. I’m CEO of Laicos and Laicos Cloud and Director of two Non-Profits. My main focus, besides family and health, is finding joy in a career I can leverage my years of operational and investment experience to help other founders pursue their dreams. https://negs.co/now

I have a unique talent, vision, and passion that helps me identify, simplify and solve problems. I’m a super-connector and I pride myself of making strategic connections and forming meaningful relationships.

I attended St. Cloud State University in Minnesota on a golf scholarship in 1999 through 2003. I played golf for only two of my four years, so that I could focus on my education and enjoying the college experience. During my sophomore year, frustrated with alternative-campus accommodations (ie. After being fined $800 for throwing a party) I purchased a rental home 3 blocks from campus. I rented the 4 extra rooms to a college friends which paid for my schooling and room & board.

In 2006, I founded Negri Electronics with two credit cards, working from my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) apartment. Under my leadership, the company went from $0 to $53M in revenue, with $18M in 2013, to exit Christmas Eve, 2013, without taking on outside capital or debt. This experience has helped me learn the most efficient and effective ways to create and scale startups, which is why in 2012, Kyle Matthews and I founded Laicos, a Startup Studio. In a Studio, we develop ideas into products and products into companies. We developed close to 15 applications, 6 ready to spin out, and 4 spinouts, most notably, Laicos Cloud.


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves. - Leo Tolstoy

Work Experience


Laicos, Inc.

June 2012 - December 2016

Laicos is a Business & Technology Consultancy & Startup Studio. Reach out if you need help with your tech startup/business.

Managing Director

Iron Yard Ventures

April 2016 - January 2017

Iron Yard Ventures is the Venture Capital arm of sister company The Iron Yard (coding academy). As Managing Director I led the hospitality and gaming accelerator in Las Vegas. My responsibilities included creating the program’s curriculum, sourcing office space, raising capital and recruiting mentors, advisors, and entrepreneurs for the program, as well as marketing the program and bringing large local corporations and privately held companies together to innovate in the hospitality and gaming industries.


Negri Electronics

June 2006 - December 2013

Negri Electronics, Inc (2006-2013) Las Vegas, NV/Costa Mesa, CA Negri Electronics was the largest privately owned electronics e-commerce company in the U.S. Bootstrapped from $0 to $54M in total revenue, during an economic downturn, to exit Christmas Eve 2013 - without raising capital or taking on debt. Led a sales team managing thousands of domestic & international consumers, hundreds of SMB, SME and enterprise customers and over ten thousand SKU’s.


St. Cloud State University (SCSU)

Business Economics

1999 - 2003


Iron Yard Ventures - Hospitality & Gaming Accelerator (2016) (Managing Director)