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Palo Alto, California, US

Taking a gap year to pursue a startup
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From being a summer intern at a startup in New York, to being the marketing director of an on-campus startup, to even founding my own, I have experience in a few different roles.

I recently left college midway through my freshman year to pursue a new startup idea in the technology industry. Since then, I've created a detailed revenue model and marketing strategy and came up with ideas for app functionality. The revenue model and marketing strategy which include: revenue from advertisements and virtual goods, viral marketing on college campuses, celebrity endorsements and other ideas I cannot wait to bring to life.

I'm looking for a committed co-founder (CTO) in the Bay Area with knowledge of app development - Someone who will be equally as excited about the business plan as I am, and who will embark on this startup journey with me.

Please contact me via email ( if you're even somewhat interested in working with me... I tend to reply fairly quickly.


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