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Ron is a father of two, maverick-in-residence, business book geek, entreprenerd, author, CEO of Bookbuzz and co-founder of Both these companies combine social media, narrative, story telling, dialogue learning, collective wisdom, peer-to-peer and social learning with achieving business success.

Working with a limited amount of clients on retainer basis. Focusing on change management, innovation, strategy and staff engagement. Creating contrast, connectivity and serendipity. Internal provocateur and external evangelist. Ensuring clients are future proof.
Bookbuzz is part of a technology-free slow flow movement, using dialogue, peer-to-peer and business books that encourages top executives to engage with the greatest business minds and to collectively apply the knowledge to their business problems. Clients are MNCs from UK, USA and Ireland.
Parallel to founding Bookbuzz, Ron was hired by Ulster Bank/RBS to develop, a free and open platform where owner managers can create and share the business knowledge, the insights, the experience and the contacts needed to generate new growth for their own business.

He is a regular contributor on Newstalk radio, does public speaking and his articles are regularly featured in national newspapers and magazines. He blogs a lot too. He tweets too much (@orangemanta)

UCD, EBRD, ICM, OECD, Enterprise Rockers
Ron is entrepreneur in residence of the Innovation Academy in University College Dublin, head roadie Ireland for Enterprise Rockers, a business development expert for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is board advisor to a number of exciting start-ups, a fellow of the Institute of Commercial Management and on the panel of experts in entrepreneurship for the OECD.

Asymmetric management
With Frank Hannigan, Ron is writing a book about asymmetric management.


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