Rodger Cravens

Menifee, California, US

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Rodger

I am a Veteran and have my MBA. I went to school full time while working full time and raising 4 kids - so I am not afraid to work and put in hours. I have spent my fair share of time coding proof of concepts designs (well more than I want to count) - so I know my way around enough to have good conversations and provide value. I am able to present information in ways that draws in people and allows them to understand at the levels that they need to understand at to take action. I have taken my product past proof of concept and to a full live product, now it needs refinement and expansion (website and add mobile) to become a viable offering to a larger scale. I have a small set of paying customers at this point.

The site is PHP driven with WordPress layered on top for ease of ramp up - and uses JSON stock data from multiple sources like Google, Yahoo and Quandl (not sure they are the right long term resources). Multiple opensource resources have proven to work very well to get the site functioning and to the point it is to launch and show demand for the solution.

I am looking for someone who is well versed in data manipulation and presentation via charts / graphs. Someone who has a financial services background and understands banking / stock data API's is ideal as I would like to be able to expand into more automated options for users in the medium / long term.

Ideally I could find two people, so that we all can focus on one thing each and do it very well. The ideal team would be this (in my eyes - open to discussion):

1. Web App
1: Mobile Apps
1: (Me) Business Management

My goal is a sale, not a long term business for my current venture because I do not have the technical skill set to manage it at that scale on my own and I am not sure of the desires of the people I team with to get us to a fully functioning site. However, I am open to it being a long term venture if we have the right team and chemistry. Do not shy away from either discussion.




2004 - 2004

University of Phoenix

Business Management

2003 - 2003

Community College of the Air Force

Associates of Electrical and Computer Engineering

1997 - 1997