Rod Frey

Toronto, Canada

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I've been in startups since graduating from engineering in 1999. I was the first employee at a web startup out of engineering. That company was acquired by SAFLINK, a biometric security company - I did OK there, becoming director of engineering and then director of product, working across business development, engineering, and sales teams.

I left to do my own startup, providing psychological and personality testing in a SAAS application for hiring managers. That startup failed but at least returned money to investors.

My second startup began by competing with Dropbox (we started at roughly the same time), and pivoted a couple of times after they ate our lunch. :) We found a market and then were acquired by Yousendit. The project was a base hit but gave me experience with customer development, sales, and the acquisition dance.

I'm currently working for YouSendit as an architect.

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January 2011 - November 2012