Robert Whitson

Portland, Oregon, US

Business Development Executive at Axine Water Technologies
Robert's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Robert

I lead sales and marketing for a small bison meat company founded by me and three partners in mid-2013. Although, we have an ecomm platform, we are mainly focused on selling through restaurants and grocery stores. Our meat is currently available for sale in the San Francisco and LA areas.

I'm doing product development and design for a high-security bike parking solution, which integrates a standardized locking system and remote monitoring and notification. Three friends and I are finishing the rack's lock hardware, and are in the process of developing the backend for a web platform and controls (supported by native smartphone apps as well).

I'm also working with another partner to develop an organic olive exfoliating scrub with no chemical additives. So far, we've gotten really good market validation and feedback from initial testers. We're planning to officially launch in 2014.

Finally, I also do some contract work as a business development associate for mOasis, Inc. ( - a Stanford agricultural biotech spinout that is focused on developing next generation soil amendment ("hydrogel") technologies that significantly increase water use efficiency and crop biomass. To-date, I have I led all government-related tasks, such as gaining Federal new chemical manufacturing approval for the first generation mOasis hydrogel (per EPA regulations); filing trademark applications for two new hydrogel product lines; and won a water conservation innovation grant from the CA Department of Water Resources.

Prior to mOasis, I served as the Imagine H2O 2012 Fellow where I worked with Imagine H2O prize competition companies to identify and execute critical path items to quickly scale these businesses; help build partnerships with potential beta customers and financiers; and facilitate outreach to utilities and federal/state/municipal governments. Previously at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), I managed the Commercialization Team’s Innovation Ecosystem Initiative (; and served as an industry analyst for the Water Power Program, where I performed technology characterization (managing the development and maintenance of the Marine & Hydrokinetic Technology Database -, industry outreach, and coordinated the selection and management of over $27 million in technology development and market acceleration project awards.

Work Experience

Business Development Executive

Axine Water Technologies

March 2014 - December 2016