Robb Miller

Vancouver, Canada

founder at gnito
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Business Development
Product Management

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Gnito makes it easy to control your cross platform digital identity, and manage those of the people you meet. Ever met someone and wanted to know the bigger picture? Instant digital identities on anyone. Great for developers, professional networkers, entrepreneurs, sales forces, business development, journalists, job seekers and basically anyone else. Check us out at Register now for a preliminary look. We appreciate all comments and feedback. My background is as a Canadian lawyer (called in BC and Ontario). I have practiced law for over ten years, doing mainly corporate commercial, financing and M&A work. I just completed short-term gig assisting Cleanweb with their continent-wide roll-out of Cleanweb Hackathons. I also hosted the Vancouver edition – please check it out at I worked throughout 2011 as External Affairs for Genability, a San Francisco-based energy data startup, and built the ecosystem of over 300 companies large and small within the smart energy sector presently building on the Genability API. Previously I helped SpiderCache, a company with server-side dynamic content caching software, build their bundling and OEM network, and eventually their purchase by Warp Solutions.

Please feel free to check out some of my historical blogposts for Genability here:

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May 2013 - December 2016