Rob Weedn

San Francisco, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

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I'm a serial entrepreneur with past experience launching market leading products and also driving revenue as a top sales rep/manager. I've decided to do what I know best, which is to build mobile and web apps that actually help sales reps sell more effectively and help sales management get predictable, reliable forecasts with near perfect visibility to activity. I'm building a closed-loop system for sales effectiveness where salesforce is still largely a database/platform with point apps, and RelateIQ cobbled together a partial solution that exited for $400M. I believe I have the domain knowledge, the product vision, the product design and the initial paying customers to make this happen. We have significant interest from angel and seed investors and likely to close a round in next 60 days.

I am looking for a passionate full stack engineer (Angular/RoR preferred) and iOS developer to bring development in-house and build a strong team. Now is a perfect timeframe for 1-2 passionate, creative engineers to get involved on part-time basis, help us build out customer-driven MVP extensions, raise, and grow to 12-15 FTEs and start closing 5-10 deals per month. LMK if you are interested in Mobile, Analytics, Statistics, killer UXP, Enterprise... and Revenue.


Amherst College


1996 - 1996


Founders Institute

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