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Hi, my name is Renato a mixed "race" ( what a terrible word) born in Ethiopia and grownup in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Italy and U.K. I am now 26 and been travelling a lot during my lifetime. I have now a beautiful baby boy and a partner so for now no travelling unfortunately.
Let me make it clear I'm not a tourist and will never be! When I travel I completely dip my self into the culture of that country and as I believe I'm really open minded I like to experience things and see things from different angles. I now speak 5 languages almost perfectly thanks to my travelling experiences.
I won't be talking too much about yummy (the start up I'm working at) as this field has been done to describe your self.
I would like to share the upcoming years of my life with a strong team everyone sharing the same vision "HELP IMPROVING PEOPLES LIFE" building tools that add value to society, so for me is not all about money but more about balance.
Off course we don't live eating air so we need to have incomes but I believe that income will only come if we have a great quality product, but most of all if we don't forget our vision. When I started thinking of yummy I started thinking about all the people I met in my life, all people like me that needed help:students, families, small businesses and I came up with an idea that can help us all. My commitments to yummy is really high I had doubted my self sometimes and I might doubt in the future again but will not give up on trying. I've been working on doubles as head chef (so imagine the stress)for over 3 years, saving money for my family and yummy, I have invested lots of money in yummy buy most of all a lot of my time really a lot of time.
I left my baby and partner to work on doubles ,I know see my son every 4 to 5 months and that's the hardest part of this project for me, I lived in hostels to save more money even if I could afford a flat, I travel by bike (I enjoy it) but after a double shifts every day that's the last thing you want to do, I wake up at 5am to chat with my developers (they are based in India so 4 to 5 hours ahead) so let's just say that I am willing to sacrifice a lot for this project.
What yummy needs is team of young people with the same attitude, they neeed to be willing to do the extra mile if needed, they need to be full of life, ideas, energy, they need to be believers but mostly they need to share the same vision.
yummy (not capital letters) is an online platform offering for now deliveries of grocery, food, perfumes, pharmacy and more, I will also be engaging to have business partnership with other companies as my first idea when I thought about yummy wasn't just deliveries, but before all that we need yummy to be fully ready and working. yummy will be the bridge which connects people and businesses. We need to help improving others people life by creating jobs, opportunity and providing quality products.
The website is underdevelopment and will be launching in 3 to 4 weeks time.

Open to any and all prospective opportunities.
For now looking for:
-Marketing manager: someone that can develop and execute long-term growth strategies involving marketing, Ad campaigns, strategic partnerships, optimising SEO.
-Strong web and app designer and developers.
-Fundraising manager (I would like to be crowd funded or finding the right business angle rather then using investment firms)
I can't say exactly where the road will take us, given every established entrepreneur recognises your end product doesn't always looks exactly as your vision but I can say that working hard and smart will definitely pay us back in more then one way.
If interested please get in touch with your self description and your life experiences ( I'd like to know more about you and not just about your working experiences) and we might take a coffee and chat to get to know each other better.
The successful candidates will be part of the co-founders team of yummy.