Raffi Simonian

Los Angeles, California, US

Raffi's Skills
Product Management

About Raffi

I have been involved in the technology field for the past 28 years. I started my career at Bechtel Corporation as a software engineer and have led large and small groups of software developers at such companies as SQRiBE Technologies (later acquired by Oracle), The Walt Disney Company, Candle Corporation (later acquired by IBM), DeskTalk (later acquired by HP), SeeBeyond (later acquired by Sun Microsystems) and Xdrive (later acquired by AOL).

I have taught software programming courses at CSUN and UCLA since 1987. I have also done software consulting and training at Northrop Grumman, UCLA and Paramount Pictures. Raffi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math/Computer Science from UCLA and an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University.

For the past several years, I have been focusing more on IT strategy rather than dealing with tactical elements of IT. I am looking for someone who has more of the Marketing/Sales experience to take my business idea to the next level as a mentor/advisor.