Quoc Tran

Austin, Texas, US

CTO at Possum, LLC
Quoc's Skills
Product Management

About Quoc

Entrepreneur and technical director with 10 years experience in software development
and 5 years experience in semiconductor engineering.

Workboot Software creates tools for people that produce, helping them produce better and faster. One of our projects helps farmers conduct sales more quickly and gather metrics on their sales. We have also enabled clients to reduce time for key tasks from hours to minutes.

Previously, I helped bootstrap a company called Thunderdog, which was profitable on a team of 3 founders, and several contractors. At Thunderdog, we built software for multiple clients in the e-commerce, mobile web, and mobile health industries.

Before that, I was the Director of Platform Technology at GameSalad, where I built a team
to handle GameSalad’s transition from startup to a firm that handled hundreds of
thousands of customers and up to a million DAUs for all games running GameSalad

Work Experience


Possum, LLC

September 2015 - December 2016