Qian Huang

Guildford, United Kingdom

Look for a co-founder / pet management & social app| pet insurance & perk | AI
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About Qian

I am currently working on an AI powered social platform offering personalised, flexible and rewarding pet perks and insurance to keep your pets healthy, happy and protected.

- Pet management: you have everything saved for your pet, breed, age, insurance details, health records (including vaccinations, clinical records from vets, allergies etc), current food, favourite walking places, favourite pet shops etc. --> We will use pet facial recognition to set up a digital ID for your pet and build a risk profile with health tips so you can take better care of your pets, remind you to book annual health check and flea treatments. We will also provide personalised insurance according to your pet's details and offer various perks so you can have cashbacks to save on your annual pet bills.

- Social: I would like to build a community so pet parents can also interact with each other. For example, I can share security alerts with other pet parents in my region if I see any warning news. If I take my dog for a walk in a park, I can also see who else is in the park and make new friends. If I am on holiday, instead of relying on pet sitters, I can ask another Labrador parent to look after my lab whom I would have met, so I can share my dog's details (from pet management like allergies) with people. If my cat has gone missing, I can send an "SOS" to other pet parents in my area etc. If anyone finds a pet, they can also upload the picture so our system can locate the owner immediately using pet facial recognition technology. If anyone has any financial difficulty paying the vet bill, we can also arrange donations within the community.

I am currently speaking to a few insurers to work on the product and looking for a technical co-founder to build the mvp.


Chance favors only the prepared mind. - Louis Pasteur

Work Experience

International Claims Team Manager

William Russell

August 2017 - January 2019

- Streamline operational processes, procedures and initiatives across the claims lifecycle using Adaptive Project Framework (APF) and Critical Path Methold (CPM); - Drive excellent service delivery through identifying process improvements using Benefits Realisation Methodology to deliver real value to customers and stakeholders; - Provide analytical insights to claims performance and use Lean Methodology to remove duplication to improve customer experience - Lead TPA management including implementation, training and auditing; - Lead large claims management project and host monthly meeting with Complex claims team, Underwriting team and Medical team; - Lead recovery project to seek contribution and subrogation from a third party; - Lead the fraud detection and prevention project as a member of Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group (HICFG) - Perform internal audits to identify training needs and provide feedbacks to individual team member - Perform external audits on Out-of-Hour claims handled by contracted emergency assistance provider and conduct annual performance review on delegated authority limit; - Provide continuous support to international offices (Dubai, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia etc)

Corporate Team Leader

Healix Group

September 2014 - August 2017

This role enables me to have a better understanding of our core business to provide our Corporate clients worldwide with healthcare and risk management solutions. I have been managing both Assistance and IPMI mini-teams. While International Private Medical Insurance remains to be the sector that I plan to pursue from a career perspective, I have completed several projects to help the Team to grow, amongst which the assessment handbook for pre-authorisation has been selected as a key training material for new starters. My main task is to provide guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to a team of 15 individuals in order to ensure the prompt delivery of our bespoke services to our clients by overseeing both Assistance and Claims Team: - Corporate Assistance Team: Provide guidance and direction to ensure the prompt delivery of the bespoke services to all the Corporate customers, NGOs as well as our insurer clients including the Lloyds syndicates. - Claims Team: Take referrals for all healthcare insurance products, including International Private Medical insurance(IPMI), Personal Accident, Business Travel and Trust Healthcare plan - Review the current workflow (Assistance + Claims), streamline and improve processes to achieve operational excellence - Lead and develop the team to deliver a high standard of service to all clients at all times

Medical Claims Assessor

Aetna (InterGlobal)

January 2013 - September 2014

I was recruited due to the business expansion that required a Mandarin speaker, which brought me into the insurance industry and I have decided to pursue my career in Health Insurance. I have gained vast knowledge and experience in private medical insurance during the 20 months with InterGlobal until it was acquired by Aetna International.


University of Surrey


2010 - 2011


CII Cert

Chartered Insurance Institute