Qi Zhang

San Jose, California, US

Qi's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Qi

Seeking cofounders who are engineers in hardware (electronics, sensors, wearable device, bluetooth, etc...) and/or software (embedded, mathematics and statistics, data fusion and process, curve fitting, interface, etc...) to join Health AMM, which is aimed to provide service helping users stay in good health and live longer.

The wearable devices to build:
- Detecting bodyweight plus other ordinary fitness data WITHOUT needing a SCALE
- Monitoring excessive intakes
- Monitoring cardiac fitness, and other health parameters

The service to establish:
We record and analyze each user’s general health condition from fitness, cardiac condition, to signs of diabetes, etc. We provide summaries, suggestions and early warnings, so that users can continue, or adjust their lifestyles or seek help from doctors. We serve customers by offering different levels of service with matching wearable devices.

Where are we:
Modeling with physics equations, Algorithm of data process and analyzing, and Specs of sensors

See more about Health AMM by searching Health AMM at Angellist.


De Montfort University


1996 - 1996