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Chicago, Illinois, US

work with a purpose to better humanity
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We have so many great products that help us better connect with one another in many different ways, services and products that help make our lives so much more easier and convenient like ordering anything you want on amazon and it’s available for you write away, getting a ride with a click of a button, getting a date swipe right or left. As great as these services are we don’t really have to work for much now a days anything you want is available at our finger tips. This has also impacted us as humans and we lack few of the most basic human skills (self awareness, patience, compassion and understanding towards others) We want what we want right away and as a result we have created a hateful and mean driven culture.
My main focus is to help and contribute towards bettering humanity as a whole. So much of our lives are now on some sort of social media and although social media has it's benefits such as allowing us to better connect with one other all over the world, share information, meet new people etc. but this also has it’s dark side such as allowing too much visibility of our lives to others, our self worth is based on how many likes we get, we can be openly mean and put others down and at times we are just longing to connect with people on a deeper meaningful level. Just like anything in life you must moderate as to how much you consume otherwise it will have it’s own negative side effect.
Hence I am working on a mission to help the next generation of kids by creating a tool for parents to better understand and communicate with their kids and help them be more self aware, build confidence and in general help improve FamTyme in our world. I am extremely passionate about what I’m working to create and I’m looking to create a team of creative, talented, visionary people that are passionate about helping people and wanting to make a difference so we can leave this world a little better then the way we found it. If that sounds like you and you want to know more about the mission I’m working on then send me a message here or email at sp.dave@gmail.com and we can schedule a meeting.


Avoid following the crowd and be bold enough to believe that you can change the crowd - steve jobs


University of Illinois at Chicago

Finance and Computer Information Systems

2001 - 2005