Paul Self

Irvine, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Paul

I am looking for a CTO that is imaginative and creative for developing our platform for the construction industry, We have a need for a very large database backend with mobile apps on iOS and Android as well as API integration with various 3rd party ERP systems.
The business potential for our platform is very large as we are licensing apps and conducting transactions across a $1T industry that is rapidly going online.
Our team is very customer centric and strongly believes in developing thorough prototypes to see if the customer will pay for the product (, then developing bare bones MVP, while also creating complete customer requirement docs BEFORE writing code.
I have produced business management software and sold it to hundreds of contractors in the low voltage business. This company was ultimately absorbed by a company acquired by Best Buy. UI/UX is imperative to me as I have also produced control system software for thousands of homes. As the CEO, I am also a marketing and finance person with a clear understanding of databases.
We need a team player that will push the envelope very hard. Someone that isn’t constrained by reality.


University of South Florida

Business Admin/Finance & Marketing

1987 - 1987


50 Ton Ocean Operator


Faststart Studio