Paul Kirkaas

Venice, California, US

Great full stack developer/architect/CTO with lots of Start Up experience
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Product Management
Business Development
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Founded 2+ startups

About Paul

I'm a Software/Web Engineer, PhD in Computer Science from UCLA. Just finished 4 years with Disney, now working for a hot Start Up in Santa Monica.

I have a great FinTech Web Project built & ready to go - - but need some Marketing/BizDev help to launch it. No investment, no risk - just a few hours a week setting up meetings with small financial lenders to get our foot in the door. For that, I'm willing to share the equity in a product that's already built & ready.

Big banks can afford expensive custom software, but small banks & financial institutions still require small business loan applicants to submit paper forms, loan officers enter the info in Excel spreadsheets, & try to filter out worthwhile borrowers. It's enormously time-consuming.

With my web application, borrowers fill out their info online, performs calculations from the raw data, & allows the lender to set up complex search filters to screen out just the qualified candidates.

There are no major competitors in this space - and I have it up & working. I'm just not the marketer/promoter, & neither is my partner. We recognize the value of that and are willing to share substantial equity with someone who can help get it out. there. Check the site out at

Alternatively, if you have a great idea for a software application & need it built, or a great hands-on CTO/Architect/Developer to partner with, let me know.

I have a wide background in multiple environments - from large corporations to small startups, both in development and tech management, architecture & CTO. For the last 10 years I've done full-stack web application development.

In "The Social Network", Sean Parker tells Mark Zuckerberg: "A million dollar company isn't cool - a billion dollar company is cool".

I'm looking for someone who thinks a million dollar company wouldn't be a bad start.


A million dollar company is still pretty cool. - Me



PhD, Computer Science

1991 - 1994