Paolo Mentonelli

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Paolo's Skills
Product Management

About Paolo

I'm a former software engineer and business analyst who spent five years building real-time option trading systems for a major investment bank. I got fed up with the financial services sector, went back to school, finished my MBA and headed to Southeast Asia where I built a product development center and a team of roughly 100 SEO specialists, content writers, software engineers, web & UX designers in less than 4 months. While building up the team, I was also serving as the Head of Product & interim-CTO for the first financial comparison website in Southeast Asia. I defined our go to market strategy and successfully launched the platform in Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Denmark unlocking nearly 250,000 USD additional investment per market.

After spending the last 8+ years working across Europe and Asia, I'm finally ready to return home to Atlanta and am seeking a dynamic team where I can contribute across finance, marketing, operations, business development, or product.