Noah Webster

Austin, Texas, US

Co-Founder at Joir
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About Noah

Innovative strategic leader who is always looking to bring an outside the box solution to any problem at hand. Built engineering teams from the group up. Diverse background working in a variety of fields including education, finance and manufacturing. Strong proponent of agile methodologies and rapid development and release cycles. Experiencing building product on desktop, web and mobile arenas. Responsible for record setting sale of two former companies due to contributions.

Work Experience



April 2016 - December 2016

Co-Founded company to build a mobile waitlist, marketing, and payments platform for restaurants that do not take reservations today. Responsible for application design, layout and implementation. Led all technical aspects of the company including system architecture, website and payment platform. Delivered Results • Released 2 unique iOS and Android applications built on a shared mobile platform. • Utilized PAAS cloud technologies to allow for ease of use, automatic scaling, and ultimate flexibility in Microsoft Azure. • Designed microservice architecture to allow for faster upgrades and enhancements in future releases. • Implemented NoSQL DB backend to allow for large scale data gathering and analysis for customer needs.

Engineering Director HomePay

March 2009 - April 2016

Built an engineering team from the ground up to nearly 25 members, including multiple development teams, QA, Dev Ops and Product. This was accomplished using both direct hires as well as off-shore contracting resources. Using an agile methodology, we released several generations of products, and reduced our release timeframe from 6 weeks to 3 weeks over time. Delivered Results • Designed and built an autonomous online financial system that processes just over 1 billion dollars a year in payroll, billing and tax processing. • Saved over two million dollars a year in paper costs alone by creating an internal document management system that tracks all internal and external communication with our clients in a single, simple-to-use interface. E-Mails, Faxes, internal correspondence and scanned documentation are now all accessible online, both to internal and external customers. • Eliminated company risky by building a tax application that produces over 75,000 tax forms a quarter electronically Reduced headcount need in other departments by 20% by replacing a 3rd party product bought by our competitors and improved our results by doing so. • Increased revenue by over 18% growth by replacing a paper-based registration form with a new online registration and account management system. • Reduced monthly costs of IT infrastructure by moving from local data centers to Microsoft Azure, allowing for faster system upgrades and performance improvements as company grew.

Senior Technical Program Manager

United Toll Systems

May 2007 - March 2009

Led development team of 18 members across two states in a complete re-write and re-design of legacy VB6 and .NET 1.1 windows application to .NET 3.5 WPF front-end applications with a SOA backend running on WCF. Performed and led code reviews on all application development to ensure adherence to new design and standards put together for the team. Developed and maintained project schedule from initial design phase up to deployment and rollout. Managed budgets and long term goal assessments for team. Delivered Results • Wrote complete .NET standards and protocols documentation for team to follow. Worked with the DB developers to assist them in writing proper SQL documentation and standards as well. • Cut release cycle time in half by moving development team from a classic waterfall method to a SCRUM methodology to speed up releases. • Nearly doubled the team from 10 to 18 members to help accelerate growth. • Responsible for expanding development team from 10 members to 18 to double our productivity per release.

Development Manager


October 2005 - May 2007

Managed a group of 5 developers in re-write of legacy VB 6.0 windows application to .NET 2.0 application, written in C# with SQL 2005 backend. Assisted in implementing custom system framework that was then released as a second product to be marketed and sold. Delivered Results • Took over development group priorities including project management, project assignment, and code reviews. • Improved cross training of team and sped up new team member integration by developing peer review and cross training system • Reduced install team workload by writing Installshield installation that supported both deployment from our servers to customers, and from customer’s servers to individual clients, eliminating the need for hands-on installations for future updates. • Improved product knowledge and customer satisfaction by participating in on-call customer support rotational services, offering 24x7 support for our customers.

Project Leader

Eaton Corporation

December 2003 - October 2005

Created custom PC and Web applications for PCSO division in Electrical Group. Worked on the development team that transitioned custom VB 6 application to a mix of windows and web applications. Developed content management system for 20 plants across 5 different countries that centralized inter-plant communication and improved process workflow. Delivered Results • Improved client experience by revamping documentation management tool with an Outlook “look and feel”. • Built Change Tracking Web app that allowed internal customers to track change orders against a product order. • Tied in all custom web tools into the application for centralized management of all correspondence and document tracking. • Produced cost savings on all orders by developing an internal communication tracking web tool to link plant customers, support personnel and end-customers together.

Senior Analyst

Eaton Corporation

May 2001 - December 2003

Member of first class of Strategic Technology Enhancement Program (STEP). Program involved rotating between different Eaton locations to work with different groups in the company as well as work with different levels of the corporation. Worked with Corporate in various EAI applications, including running EAI project for Automotive Group to bring Supplier Visualization project. Developed Web Applications and EAI Shipping application for Truck Group. Supported Greenwood, SC plant in local plant applications as well as began development of Web Content Tool that was expanded to entire division. Delivered Results • Improved in-plant learning by creating user-friendly reference documentation for end-users to utilize the tools in the plant. • Implemented Tibco EAI application to connect various HR and Payroll applications from divisions to the corporate office. • Saved company hundreds of thousands on healthcare costs by taking over Project Management of an internal Healthcare Audit report. • Redesigned Truck Group’s internal IT site, along with web front-end for numerous internal IT application tools.


Case Western Reserve University

M.S. Management - Information Systems

2001 - 2002

Case Western Reserve University

B.S. Management

1997 - 2001