Nicolas Cabrera

Kings County, New York, US

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Nicolas's Skills
Business Development

About Nicolas

I’m an accomplished software architect and engineering manager with a proven record of leading high performance teams that deliver great products on time. I’m highly experienced in the software development process; going from concept to product, creating effective processes, and quickly delivering new products to market.

In my career I’ve been a software architect, programmer, tester, writer, trainer, strategist and manager. My breadth of experience allows me to see the full development process. I’m pragmatic in my approach; great ideas are only the first step, you need a plan to realize them to create a great product.

I’ve lead development teams spread around the globe. I’ve helped teams adopt and improve agile practices. I've guided teams taking ideas from white board to product. I've worked with new technology exploring opportunities for new and improved products. I’ve mentored graduates fresh from college and guided senior architects. I've supported customers and managed relations with vendors.

Specialties: Team building and collaboration, working across time zones, software design and development, agile practices, web technologies, systems integration, automated testing, and vendor relations.

Work Experience

Lead Developer

May 2016 - December 2016