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San Francisco, California, US

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For the past 10 years, my Boosters Fundraising has been helping groups like youth sports, music, raise money to operate. We're fundraising experts, and our main product is a coupon card product called the Booster Card - Our system works extremely well! Every year we have 95% of our clients coming back, and we also take on new clients.

THE PROBLEM: Most youth activities raise money by selling products to people at arm's length and completely ignore their close family and friends that live outside the school district.

HOW BIG IS THE PROBLEM? Think about it: What school / team / music program in the United States (and other countries) doesn't need more money? School Booster Clubs exist SPECIFICALLY for this reason, and every school in the US has more than one Booster Club.

THE SOLUTION:, a simple and free crowdfunding tool. We leverage everyone's social networks to raise lots of online donations, and anyone can donate at the click of a button. This solves 2 problems for our clients:

1) It reaches outside the school district

2) It saves our clients admin time and headache. It's an automated system that communicates with the group directly and forces everyone to spread the word and repeatedly ask for donations to their group.

HOW IT WORKS: Check out the video on our home page for a quick demo of how it works -


1) We already built the BETA! We're looking for seasoned Drupal 7 developer to take on the role of CTO.

2) ALL of our clients want to use It was our clients direct feedback which helped us create it! In fact, we have not encountered a single school administrator who said they wouldn't use it.

I'M LOOKING FOR A DEV PARTNER to take over the development and use Agile development with Lean Startup principles - Learn, Iterate, Test. Repeat. We are doing some Pilot Fundraisers, and learning a lot for our next round of iterations.

Youth sports and activities is a market where nobody even knows what crowdfunding means. Let's build an amazing product, and dominate this space!

Please reach out with any questions. I have an open door policy :)




Kent State University

Marketing & Advertising

2002 - 2002