Neil Chaudhari

San Francisco, California, US

CEO at Propane Studio
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Business Development
Product Management

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To give context outside of linkedin - i would say that I\'ve been advancing in my leaderships skills in being an effective CEO while continuing to learn daily on how to build marketing solutions within the Digital Ecosystem. Re: Propane Studio - We have enjoyed recently being the top 10 digital agencies in San Francisco. We have now gained new clients and are growing at a 250%. Building a great organization is important, and to me that means, culture, leadership, and skill development.

My background includes startups, enterprise, automotive and health digital technologies and experiences. I've created over 300 digital projects including heavy web applications, websites, mobile apps, kiosks, trade show digital experiences, platforms, etc. Im looking to use all this knowledge and built my own projects now with the right partners.

Work Experience


Propane Studio

March 2011 - December 2016