Monique Barbanson

Palo Alto, California, US

Founder at 3PM Revolution. MSCS Yale U. MBA UCB Haas school of business
Monique's Skills
Customer Engagement
Marketing Analytics
Deep Learning
Business Development
Product Management

About Monique

As one of the cofounders of Startup Monthly I've had the opportunity to mentor dozens of startups working through customer development and rapid prototyping to find a business model. I'm currently running a boutique mobile strategy consultancy.

My goal is to make a few strategic bets in the mobile space (social/communication, payments, personalized recommendations, digital entertainment etc...) targeting domains where I have expertise.

I've shipped media apps on XBox, and other living room devices. I've been responsible for building and releasing consumer services at MS, WebTV and Netscape.

I've managed technology relationships with global telcos, Korean and Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers and built various prototypes painting possible strategies for MS in the living room which were demoed internally to VP-level execs and to NDA partners at CES.

Work Experience


3PM Revolution

December 2012 - December 2016


Deep Learning


Digital Marketing